Our mission is to be a happy, healthy learning community, empowering all members to flourish.

Our vision is to be a leader in outdoor learning, innovation and well-being.

Our shared values are confidence, resilience, care, respect and creativity.


At ICHK Kindergarten and Primary we empower everyone to flourish so that they can;

Be Great, Do Great, Feel Great.

International Primary School

Our children develop a love of learning through child-initiated inquiry.

Our International primary school programme is aimed at empowering every child to be creative, confident, caring, resilient and respectful. Experiences are specially designed for our children to develop a range of approaches to learning: application of languages, literacy and numeracy; problem solving; questioning and research techniques; self-management; collaboration and creative and critical thinking.

Inquiry is central to our approaches. We use the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme to develop a curriculum which is meaningful and engaging. Our Units of Inquiry ensure our children have an understanding of themselves, other cultures and viewpoints. We endeavour to support our children in taking action with their learning by making informed and sustainable choices.

Our programme is a careful balance of child-initiated and adult-guided learning experiences. Children are given time to learn and practise skills through direct instruction so their own inquiries become richer and more complex. Our children are agents of their own learning and are empowered to use quality feedback from teachers, reflect on their mistakes and set their own learning goals.

A number of experienced educators enrich the programme. Our children experience daily Chinese (Mandarin) lessons which are differentiated by ability.

They are also provided with opportunities to explore their creative talents through specialist music and visual arts lessons. We have a strong PE programme which includes swimming, field games and individual pursuits.

Outdoor learning is key to our educational philosophy. Our children are provided with regular opportunities to learn and play outside each day. We strongly believe that movement is essential for developing the whole child, with many positive effects in the classroom.

By the time students reach the end of Year 6, they are well prepared and ready for the next stage of their education. This is marked by a symbolic rites of passage journey to secondary.

To learn more, please visit our Head of Schools’ Welcome.