Beyond The Curriculum

Beyond The Curriculum

Beyond The Curriculum

At ICHK HLY, a huge range of activities outside of the curriculum provide wonderful learning experiences, whilst helping to broaden and enrich education.

Students celebrate success in the fields of sport, creative writing, drama, and performing arts.

School trips and camps, sporting competitions, musical productions, exhibitions and extra-curricular activities all help to create enthusiastic, creative and confident individuals.

During the primary years, an extensive programme of study trips is organised. Students visit the theatre, local businesses, and make educational visits to important cultural and heritage sites.

School camps help students develop resilience, teamwork and self-help skills in a fun environment.

We have a school choir that performs around Hong Kong, and our Year 6 students stage an annual musical.

Year 6 students consistently achieve high marks in the Trinity College London Speech and Communication exams. Our Student Council initiates worthwhile projects and our gardening club promotes an attitude of care and concern for the environment.

The school is affiliated to the charity, The Home of Loving Faithfulness and students are taught about the importance of community service.  Students and staff lead many community initiatives including dress down days, plant sales and other fundraising activities.

At ICHK HLY, non-academic achievements are broad and all help enrich students’ learning as well as promoting the importance of a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.