Confidence – “I can do it!”

●  enthusiastic about learning

●  actively engaged in developing skills and gaining knowledge

●  able to communicate in more than one language to express and share ideas

●  identify and pursue own interests and passions

Resilience – “I don’t give up!”

●  persevere through challenges

●  reflect on experiences, learn from mistakes and set goals to improve and to be open to change

●  balanced

●  develop positive, sustainable habits

●  understand your own character strengths and apply them as needed.

Caring – “I am kind and helpful!”

●  care for others, community and themselves

●  develop and maintain positive relationships

●  act with kindness and empathy

●  strive to make a positive difference in own lives and the lives of others

Creative – “I think, wonder and explore!”

●  wonder and ask questions

●  explore and experiment

●  identify problems and offer possible solutions

●  be open-minded and take opportunities to learn from others

●  develop better or new ideas

●  apply own learning to novel situations

Respectful – “I am fair and considerate!”

●  principled

●  act with fairness and honesty

●  celebrate individuality and diversity

●  be mindful of the beliefs and values of others

●  take responsibility for own actions and the consequences