Dates, Fees & More

Dates, Fees & More

Age Guidelines for Applications

The table below indicates the year of birth for students in each year group. We expect that children from Hong Kong will join us in Pre-Nursery (as early as two years and eight months) / Nursery and continue their education through to Secondary. Families joining from overseas will join in the year group according to their birth year. Some allowance can be made for children coming from different curriculums who were born in September to December.

2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027
Pre-Nursery 2022 2023 2024
Nursery 2021 2022 2023
Reception 2020 2021 2022
Year 1 2019 2020 2021
Year 2 2018 2019 2020
Year 3 2017 2018 2019
Year 4 2016 2017 2018
Year 5 2015 2016 2017
Year 6 2014 2015 2016
Year 7 (please contact ICHK Secondary School) 2013 2014 2015
Association Charges (non-refundable and non-transferable)
These charges are associated with International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen Association Limited
Application Charge $1,850 per child
Assessment Interview Charge $800 per child
Capital Debenture $70,000 per child
Annual Capital Levy $17,500 per child

The application charge is to be submitted with the application form.

The assessment interview charge is to be payable on acceptance of an interview.

The capital debenture is payable on an offer of a place. Enrolment becomes final only after the school has received the capital debenture. The fees are not refundable and not transferable if the family decides at a later date not to enrol the student.

The annual capital levy charge must be paid annually at the same time as the initial term’s fee unless a student starts in Term 3 when 30% of the capital levy is payable.

The annual capital levy and the capital debenture are to be used for capital development including the upgrading of school facilities to meet the standards expected by members of our school community.

Proposed 2024 – 25 School Fees (non-refundable and non-transferable)
Pre-Nursery (3 afternoons a week Part-time Nursery Full-time Nursery to Year 6 Year 7 and upwards
HKD$ HKD$ HKD$ Please contact ICHK Secondary School
Term 1 32,420 56,350
Term 2 12,220 24,325 42,265
Term 3 12,220 24,325 42,265
Total fee payable 24,440 81,070 140,880

School fees and association charges are both payable as quoted in Hong Kong Dollars.

Fees are subject to approval by the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

  • Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and are payable by the date marked on the invoice.
  • Fees may be pro-rated according to the date of starting school.
  • No reduction in school fees will be made for any absence.
  • In cases of long-term distance learning the  Extended Distance Learning Reimbursement policy will apply.
  • Parents with financial difficulty in payment of fees should contact the Head of School in confidence.
  • Monthly payments can be made on application to the Head of School. A surcharge may be applied.
  • Reduction (10% discount) is available on School Fee for 3rd child if all educated at ICHK HLY and ICHK at the same time, (on application to the Head of School).
  • The school supplies all stationery and textbooks. Exceptions are:
  • School camps
  • School uniform and accessories
  • School bus charges (paid directly to the company)
  • Student Support charges for individual children if deemed necessary (EAL Intensive charge is $4,725 per month, Special Needs Support Assistant is $206 per hour)

Withdrawal of Students from the school

A term’s notice must be given in writing or via email to the School Office.

Date of Leaving Notice Period
Leaving at the end of a term Notice must be received, at the latest, on the first day of that term
Leaving during a term Notice must be received by the first day of the previous term
Leaving during Term 1 (August-December) Leaving before or during mid-term break, notice must be received by the first day of the previous Term 3

Leaving after the mid-term break and before the last day of Term 1, notice must be received by the latest, on the last day of the previous Term 3