Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is an awareness of our own culture and those of others. It involves showing respect and tolerance for different perspectives, values, and understandings. Being a global citizen creates the opportunity to share our commonalities and celebrate our differences. 

In the context of the school’s mission and in line with UNESCO research* we believe that students flourish (Be Great, Feel Great and Do Great) as global citizens when the following three dimensions of intercultural learning are developed:

Cognitive (Be Great): To acquire knowledge and understanding about global, regional, national and local issues; the interconnectedness and interdependence of different countries, cultures and populations; as well as social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development. To develop the ability to communicate within and across cultures.

Social and emotional (Feel Great): To have a positive sense of self and an understanding of one’s cultural background; a sense  of belonging to a common humanity, sharing values and responsibilities, empathy, solidarity and respect for differences and diversity. Feeling and assuming a sense of responsibility for the present and for the future.

Action (Do Great) : To act authentically as responsible global citizens, in order to take individual and collective action at local, national or global levels for a more peaceful and sustainable world.