Teacher Voices

Teacher Voices

“Our primary school is unique because we nurture the same values from the children’s nursery roots through to year six exhibition. Learning happens through dedicated teaching staff who develop courage, kindness, confidence, and independence in the students through enjoyable, varied and empowering learning experiences. What is more, our school environment has been developed to offer a balance of opportunities for both learning and play, both indoors and outdoors.” – Rachel Chan, Teacher of Primary


“At ICHK HLY, student wellbeing is at the heart of everything that we do. As a small community school, students, teachers and families are able to build positive relationships. Whether students are building fires in outdoor learning, exploring fractions in maths or writing raps in music, students are empowered to ‘be great, do great and feel great.” – Charlie Beard, Director of Learning


“ICHK HLY is unique because it follows through with the same guiding principles from kindergarten through to the end of secondary school. We value the development of individuals through supportive and encouraging relationships at all stages of a child’s education.” – Lynda Sze, Teacher of Kindergarten


“ICHK HLY allows children to be children. They are championed to learn through play, be themselves and establish meaningful connections with others. By allowing our little learners to follow their personal interests and make their own choices, and to do it in their own time and way, they are happy. And learning happens as its best when we are happy. ” – Melissa Sweeney, Physical Literacy and Outdoor Learning Teacher